About Skindex

Welcome to Skindex –  a new way to find the skincare products that work for you.
With thousands of skincare products on the market and new launches daily, finding the right cleanser or moisturiser can be a bit of a task. Skindex makes finding exactly what you’re looking for in a product, across all brands and budgets, simple. We’ve categorised thousands of skincare products by ingredient, skin concern and skin type and created a quick search that allows you to find the perfect product for your skin.
Searching by ingredient means that you can now search for products with a particular ingredient that addresses both your skin type and concerns. So if you want a moisturiser that contains antioxidants and is great for combination skin you can see what the high street and luxury brands have to offer instantly without having to visit several stores whilst scanning the ingredient lists. Our website is also a great way to find close replacements for any favourite products that have been discontinued.
Looking for a gift for a friend who adores sweet and indulgent scents? You can now filter through body and spa treats by specific scent as well. Or find a more affordable dupe for your favorite gourmand smelling body souffle by searching for similar ingredients and scents to see what the high street has to offer.
We’ve included all the information you need about a product, including the price and where to buy, so you can make an informed decision quickly. We also know it’s important to hear about how a product works for real people, so check out the reviews on individual products to see what people with think.
We’ll also keep you updated on new product launches and buzz-worthy ingredients through our blog.
We hope you enjoy using Skindex as much as we do!